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The Foundations of a Successful Learning Experience


The Learning Management System (LMS) was built with “management” in mind, whereas the latest wave of technology, Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs), focus squarely on learner experience. In-person, instructor-led training at specific times in specific places has given way to self-directed learning in the flow of work, available any time, any place, on any device.

This emphasis on the learning experience has changed the way organizations create, curate, and deliver content and influenced the technology they choose. This eBook outlines what you need to build the foundations of a successful learning experience. These building blocks with help you establish a learning culture within your organization.

In this eBook you will learn: 

  • the steps necessary for building the foundations of a successful learning experience
  • the importance of redefining how you create, curate, and deliver content
  • how AI and machine learning have altered the learning landscape
  • that digital transformations, while daunting, are systematic - and prepare you and your people for an uncertain future